The R* Concept
bonded by respect

“Big results require big ambitions”


Our constant persistence is bringing us closer to our ambitious vision to create:

Performing composite solutions with zero impact on the planet.

Our journey started more than ten years ago. It has been a challenging but exciting trip in which we have explored many technologies, met new partners, vendors, dreamers and makers...but above all great people willing to make things different.

What we call our family of sustainable and socially conscious stakeholders, have brought us to a new milestone of the journey to:

Become a 360º solution provider, around sustainability and respect in the world of composites.

Our core team likes to GET INSPIRED, enjoy from continuous LEARNING and TAKE ACTION. For this reason we are all building history thanks to our drives:




Are you ready to know more?
R* ConceptRespectReuseReduceRecycleRepair

Who we r?

“We are inspiring the industry to respect the planet and its inhabitants”

R* Concept would not be possible without the experience and traditions from our previous three generations, that set the solid ground for the fourth one to launch “Products for a Responsible Industry” more than ten years ago.

This team gathers together multidisciplinary team members, and partner companies, who once started willing to do things differently. We are ready to offer a full solution on sustainable composites, to perform and excel in the circular economy. We have placed SUSTAINABILITY at the core of our business, to bring PERFORMING products to the industry, while respecting the environment and the human beings who live in it. With the strong belief that running a competitive business is compatible with doing the right thing, we work day after day to offer you a wide range of respectful solutions.

How it works?

R* CycleReduceReuseRepairRecycleRespect

The R* Concept

“Less is more”

It all starts with an idea. The idea can be all yours, all ours or developed together in brainstorming sessions with our

S&P Engineering Team

The deeper we can get sustainability into the concept, the easier it will be to fit into the 360º concept. The first goal is to achieve performance within the sustainable playground, since sustainability without performance is simple green washing. Products should be designed and built to last.

Our Engineering Team has experienced with a wide range of sustainable materials to advice which ones are optimal for your project. But if you only want to get those materials, we can simply supply them to you, without the need to offer engineering services.

To optimize resources, ultimately it is related to efficiency. Be inspired and contact us to explore together technologies that lower your carbon footprint while maintaining product performance.

The R* Concept

“Don’t fix what ain’t broke”

...and in order to know what is broken or not, sometimes simple visual inspection is not enough, and for that, we have a Non Destructive Testing Team, available to supply advice, equipments and services, on the most common inspection technologies.

But when things are broken, and need to be fixed, we can offer repair solutions, tips, services and kits. Last but not least, no need to say that technology is evolving fast into self repairable composite solutions and we are also part of this evolution.

Non Destructive Testing

Repair Kits

Adhesive Solutions

The R* Concept

“Close the loop and give the material a second life”

Having pioneered the biobased matrix revolution in the composite industry, we were never happy about only reducing impact on the environment, and we strongly considered that the real game was about recyclability and offering an end of life solution to the composite industry.

Well! Our dream became true and nowadays we can recycle composites, to help the industry produce for zero landfill manufacturing.

Our solutions cover from recyclable raw materials, recycling technology and solutions for composite waste management.

Fully recyclable matrix

Cradle-to-cradle composite solutions

End-of-life Composite Design

The R* Concept

“Get creative and find ways to make use of things again and again”

By reusing we always understood the possibility to extend the life of any product. Some composite materials can not be shared, but some are, and for this reason we work within our community to be able to support and promote second chance for products that are still reusable.

But we also understand reuse, as the possibility to upcycle materials that come from recycling process to become part of new composite materials.

Upcycled thermoplastics and reinforcement fibers

Second chance for materials with the COMMUNITY:
exchange of used materials

The R* Concept

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better”

J.K. Rowling

We could have simplified our concept to a single “R”, since RESPECT is the only one that includes all the others. By Respect, we understand respect for us, for you, for the composite industry workers, the environment and the planet as a whole.

We have a commitment towards society and for this reason we want to work hard to put Respect in the center, since we want respect for stakeholders involved in the industry, composite material end users included.

Under our Respect action plan, we don’t want to forget about those ones not having had the chance due to many reasons to enjoy life as passionate as we do. We have a commitment towards society and this is what we take care of, in this last, but most important “R”.

For the worker:
Familiar Corporate Responsability

For the industry and the planet:
collaboration with associations

For the society:
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